Good. Cheeky. Answers.

NUDY RUDY is a funny name for a soap. What does it mean?

NUDY RUDY was born out a feeling and desire for the purest form of simplicity: being bold, happy, label-free individuals, or in other words, being NUDY.

NUDY RUDY is an expression of freedom and attitude with the aim of bringing body care to every body that celebrates differences with a little cheeky humor thrown in.

Where are NUDY RUDY products made?

Down under! NUDY RUDY US is an extension of the Australian NUDY RUDY brand, and all our products are formulated and made from scratch in Australia before they make their way around the globe to North America.

How long does a NUDY RUDY soap puck last?

On average, our soap pucks last 3-4 weeks, depending on use and other factors like how sudsy you like to get. We use a special French milling process that makes our soaps last longer than your average off-the-shelf bar.

I have sensitive skin. Will NUDY RUDY work for my body?

Here's the thing. Not only do our products work for every body, but we intentionally use natural, chemical-free ingredients like raw organic Shea butter so our friends with sensitive skin can get NUDY too.

Will my order ship from Australia?

No worries, mate! This is the home of NUDY RUDY US, and your order will ship from our US HQ in Michigan. We get our products to the US, so you don't have to wait ages to get NUDY. (Well, regular standard shipping times, that is.)

I just started using NUDY RUDY and I love it. Can I enroll in a product subscription so I never run out?

Soon, friends! Our subscription service is currently in development, but it's on its way. We never want you to be out of NUDY RUDY, so stay tuned.

I see all these other cool products listed here like liquid soap and hand cream. When can I get those?

We are just as excited as you are to add more fun scents and made-for-every-body products to the NUDY RUDY family. The liquid soaps and hand creams are on their way to the US now, so check back soon.